Come Home Save Malaysia !

2018-04-09 16:00:00.0  |  Derek Dan
2018-05-09, GE14, save malaysia day
calendar - save malaysia day 20180509
9th May 2018 - the day to save and redeem Malaysia

To my fellow Malaysians in overseas:

You have a busy work schedule and deadlines are looming, the kids need to go to school, flight tickets have tripled the price. All these are valid reasons for not returning home to vote.

But our beloved country is really sick, you need to come back, your vote is critical to determine the fate of our nation – whether it will prevail and recover from illness, or sliding inexorably to the brink of destruction.

"THIS IS NOT a battle between politicians"

"THIS IS NOT about choosing Najib or Mahathir"


Taking 2 days off may shorten your year-end holiday, returning home may cost hundreds or thousands. But think from this perspective: "the desire to change is burning in our heart for such a long time, and now is the defining moment", we have the power to change the result, to end the struggle that lasted for many generations.

The long term gain will surely outweigh the short term monetory loss and the personal discomfort. After all, we only do this once in 5 years, to exercise the power and authority granted to us, as civilians, to decide our future - not for ourselves, but the ones we love.

Think of our kids, parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, their families and the future generations.

It’s not hard to make this decision. Come home! Save Malaysia !!!

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