Digi broadband's APN

2010-12-31 00:00:00.0  |  Derek Dan

Digi broadband without modem package comes with SIM card only. After inserting into your 3G modem, you need some simple steps before you can connect.

Example here is a U Mobile modem, which is unlocked (check with your modem provider to confirm, if the modem is locked, you need a password to unlock)

Step 1

Open the internet connection wizard, click setting.

Step 2

Add a new connection profile, important settings:

  • Dial number = *99#
  • APN address = 3gdgnet

Step 3

Save the changes and you're done.

The value of dial number *99# is the same across all networks. Only thing different is APN name, Following is a list of APN name for 3G service providers in Malaysia.

  • Maxis : maxisbb
  • Celcom : celcom3g
  • Digi : 3gdgnet
  • U Mobile : my3g

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