Bukit Broga Expedition

2017-02-20 16:00:00.0  |  Derek Dan
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Broga hill's landscape is changing rapidly as more houses erected in this once sleepy township, seen here is Eco Forest - under construction by Eco World

Broga Hill, also known as Bukit Broga, is a mountain located in the vicinity of Semenyih Township.

Sitting on the edge of Banjaran Titiwangsa, with a highest altitude of 400 meters, Broga Hill is a small mountain by all definitions.

The local community has a more common name for the hill - Bukit Lalang, named after the cogon grass, which thrive abundantly and covering the vast terrain of Bukit Broga.

Lalang or Cogon grass is a common sight along the hiking trail in Bukit Broga

Bukit Broga has recently become a very popular hiking spot. The hilltop offers scenic view of the surrounding areas, people from all walks of life come here to exercise, picnic, catching the sunrise or simply enjoying the breathtaking panoramic view.

It gets very busy during the weekend.

The trail

Dubbed as an easy climb, many consider the trail as beginner level, suitable for casual hikers of all age groups.

After raining the path can become wet and slippery. So it’s advisable to wear proper hiking shoes.

The trail en route to the first and second viewing point is relatively easy, you just need to overcome some slopes, some of which are quick steep but there are plenty of handholds and resting points.

Conquering the highest peak is not as easy tough. As the path leading to the peak are blocked by some giant rocks, in order to climb over the stones, one needs to hang on to the ropes, and stretching feet to the limit.

The View

The summit offers aerial view of the lovely countryside landscape made up from lush tropical rainforest, palm oil estates, and small villages nestled between the valleys.

The morning mist and blankets of clouds that sprawl over the backdrop of the hilly terrains, is a lovely sight to behold.

First and second viewpoint offer unobstructed view of the surroundings. At 350 meters or 1150 feet, the second viewing point is the recommended stop if you intend to catch a glimpse of sunlight.

View from the peak is blocked by trees hence it’s not a good spot for watching sunrise.

Borga Hill's first viewpoint
Observing morning mist and the blanket of clouds from the second viewpoint
Admiring sunrise amid the tranquil countryside landscape


Descending is usually a more challenging and demanding exercise, as all body weights rest on the knees.

Fortunately, there are ropes and small trees along the trail, one can grab on to these handholds and tree trucks while descending from the hill.

One technique to reduce the pressure on the knee is to move vertically, like a crab.

I bumped into an old lady when descending from the hills, her son and daughter-in-law (in their 50’s) were holding the lady tightly by her arms.

As we walked past them, her daughter-in-law told us the age of the old lady – 80 years old, we were stunned!

We kept an eye on the old lady as we continued our journey, she was (by a comfortable margin) the most senior citizen I’ve met on the hill. She almost slipped on several occasions, but was unfazed and kept moving with fast pace, despite his son repeatedly warned her to slow down.

We were all amazed by this lady, despite her age, was quick on her feet and have a brave heart.

How to get there

Broga Hill is located at the outskirt of the greater Klang Valley, a 40-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur city center.

The entrance is a palm oil estate, unmistakeably opposite the Rabbit Fun Land.

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