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2014-04-01 02:19:43.0  |  Derek Dan
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A glimpse of

4 out of the last 5 articles published on are related to investment. Soon after realizing this, the idea of a creating a new site – dedicated to investment, has begun to knock on my head.

From the start, the site has been envisioned as “keep it neat and simple”, but the work of getting it done – a bare minimum of 3 HTML pages hosted on a VPS machine, is more than a nuisance.

PSD Design

The most challenging and time-consuming part is the designing of the layout and graphics using Photoshop.

The lack of artistic DNA in me simply means a professional design is next to impossible. The entire design process is slow and painful. This is further aggravated by my relentless pursuit towards flawless and minimalist design.

The initial draft has undergone transformation from version 1 until 7, yet a far cry from being professional looking. Well, at least is a clean design, I comfort myself and declare that I shall move on.


The next step was converting the design from PSD into HTML.

This is my first foray into HTML5. It took me few days to hand code the three pages and making sure they looks identical in IE, FF, Chrome and Safari.

VPS Hosting

Hosting does take up a fair bit of time, finding a low end box that is budget friendly yet providing mediocre services and up time is not an easy task.

Finally I got a deal from ChicagoVPS, a whopping 2GB RAM for as little as USD 30/yr

Setting up Java, Tomcat, DNS, MYSQL and others was no muss and no fuss. The same kind of configurations has been done over and over again onto my previous VPS instances.

i100k was finally launched on 23 Mar 2014, the same day I turned 32 :-)

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