Pelangi Heights, Mantin

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Pelangi Heights entrance

Sitting in the northern corridor of Mantin district, right below the border of Selangor, Pelangi Heights is a prestigious township located in the center of an exclusive enclave.

On the west is Staffield Country Resort, a 27-hole scenic golf course by Berjaya Group. The golf course is geographically connected to Pelangi Height, perimeter fencings are the only barriers separating the two.

On the east, just across the trunk road is Bayu Lakehome, where plots of lands are sold to high net worth individual. Some lucky units facing Bayu Lakehome will have delighting views of the green meadows sprawled over a natural backdrop of hills.

The northern neighborhood lies within the Selangor district. Semenyih, once a remote chinese village surrounded by rubber estate and thick forest, is now transforming to become the new social economy frontier. Two mega projects currently under development: Eco Hill and Eco Majestic – are set to become the new lifestyle and commercial hub in the region upon completion.

Mantin town center is about 5 kilometers on the south.

Pelangi Heights Bungalow for Sale
Spacious built up with huge land size


Pelangi Heights is a gated and guarded township comprises of Bungalow, Semi D, and Terrace house.

Bungalows and Semi D are erected in the middle of a wide terrain. Having said that, spacious built up and wide land area are the major selling points for both.

There are three variants of Bungalow: Type A, B and C, each boasting unique layout and charismatic, with built up areas between 2995 to 5176sqft.

Type C has the largest built up and is priced above 2 millions, Type A is the smallest bungalow suitable for small and medium family.

Land area for standard intermediate unit is measured at 95x90ft.

Semi D unit also boast a spacious built-up of 40x80 but the design and layout are mediocre compared with Bungalow.

Both Bungalow and Semi D have been sold out and the double story terrace will be launched in the first quarter of 2015

Total unit by products:

  • Bungalow: 46 units
  • Semi D: 86 units
  • Terrace: 206 units
Bungalow Type A
Bungalow Type B
Bungalow Type C
Semi D


Pelangi Height is a small scale residential township by all means. It offers non-frivolous amenities which include a small club house with a miniature swimming pool, children playground, and a patio area.

The swimming pool is really a tiny one, two persons swimming side by side is virtually impossible. The length is short it only takes less than 10 strokes to touch another end.

Nearby amenities are Staffield Country Resorts and one has to travel to Mantin or Semenyih for their daily grocery needs.

Pelangi Height is poised to become a vibrant township as more amenities are underway and available upon the completion of Eco Hill and Eco Majestic.


Pelangi Height is served by Jalan Semenyih - the trunk road that connects Beranang to the north and Mantin town center to the south. It takes less than 10 minutes to reach Mantin town center.

Accessing to Lekas highway is convenient via Pajam Interchange, which is merely 10 minutes away from Pelangi Heights.

Below is the toll-to-toll time from Pajam interchange to the nearby township and cities.

  • Pajam to Kajang: 15 minutes.
  • Pajam to EcoHill: 10 minutes
  • Pajam to EcoWorld: 5 minutes
  • Pajam to Seremban: 15 minutes.
Lekas Pajam Interchange


There are many compelling reasons to own a property in Pelangi Heights, for investment or for own stay.

Retiring folks seeking for serenity and tranquil lifestyle will discover the abundance of greenery and nature surrounding the areas.

Young family who likes nature or craving for a weekend getaway in the city outskirt, Pelangi Heights offers unparalleled environment for the soul and the body to relax, revitalize and recharge.

Of course, this is the second-to-none property for golfers looking for contemporary houses with close proximity to the golf club.

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