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New Myvi 2011

Perodua is set to launch the new Myvi this coming Thursday, 16th June 2011.

Debut in 2005, Perodua Myvi is the best-selling car in Malaysia for 5 consecutive years (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

Proton, the arch rival of Perodua, through the launching of new Saga, has slowly eroding the sales of Myvi over the past 2 years. Feeling threaten, it responded in the most straightforward manner – introducing a new model to revive the buying interest.

Hypes and expectations

The new model of this highly successful car has triggered a lot of hypes and expectations from the community. Here I’ve come up my own list of questions & answers:

1. Will the new Myvi get a 1.5 liter engine ?

NO : The whole selling point of a compact car, among others, is fuel efficiency. Why go for a higher capacity engine when the 1.3 liter Myvi is powerful enough to satisfy the normal driving conditions.

YES : For those who enjoy the thrill of acceleration, 1.3 liter engine is slightly underpowered.

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Perodua Myvi Ezi Review


Reason of buying

I was buying my first car. With a 50K budget, I surveyed the market and concluded the best buy would be a Myvi

Despite its petite look, Myvi actually has spacious headroom and legroom. This translate into a comfotable seating with ample space between your head and the roof, and sufficient room for you to stretch your legs.

Luggage volume is small, but should be suffice for normal day-to-day family's chores. Myvi is a joint development between Perodua and Toyota (strikingly resembles Toyota Passo), so build quality should not be an issue.

Myvi is a tall car in its category (1 foot taller than Wira), the headlights are big in propotion to its size. The overall design is simple yet stylish, which makes a right choice for a minimalist like me.

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