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Vostro 1310 v.s. Latitude 5400

Vostro 1310 (left) and Latitude 5400

This is a head-to-head roundup between Vostro and Latitude.

The 1st contender - Vostro 1310, is my personal laptop. I bought it about 1 year ago as a replacement after selling off my Inspiron 1520. 2nd contender - Latitude 5400, is actually a company laptop, which is about 3 months old as the date of this writing.

Both Vostro and Latitude belong to Dell's business class line-up. Vostro is the entry-level series made up of budgeted notebooks. While Latitutude is synonymous with premier notebooks that carry additional features and higher price tag.

Here comes the questions :

Should you pay more for the premier class Latitude 5400 ? Or instead save the extra bucks and settle for the less expensive Vostro. Read before you decide...

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Dell Inspiron 1520 Review

Dell Inspiron 1520


Inspiron 1520 is the successor for Inspiron 6400.

Dell Inspiron 6400, despite its bulky size and unimpressive design, has commanded the top-seller position in the Inspiron series for several years. Only until recently the sales of this well-received laptop has been eroded due to competitors rolling out newer models.

Being the replacement model, 1520 has received much attention from the laptop community. The news of a new inspiron model was already well spread on the net before the official announcement from Dell.

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