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Digi Smart Plan for Samsung Galaxy S 2

Samsung Galaxy S 2, the King of Android, is poised to become the best selling Android phone in 2011.

If you plan to get the "Android Phone of the Year" in Malaysia, there're 2 options available.

Option 1 - buying from Telco, at discounted price, but need to sign up contract. So far only Maxis has introduced plan for Samsung Galaxy S 2.

Option 2 - buying from retailers, paying full retail price of RM2099, you have freedom to choose the telco, and not bound to contract.

In this article, we do a quick check on both options, to find out which option provides greater cost saving.

Specifically, we put up a comparison table for Maxis Galaxy S 2 Plan vs. Digi Smart Plan, from which we calculate the 1 year total cost of ownership for Samsung Galaxy S 2.

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Samsung Galaxy S 2, confirmed launch in Malaysia by Maxis

Touted as the “best Android smartphone” by engadget, Samsung Galaxy S II is finally making its way to Malaysia.

It's the best Android smartphone yet, but more importantly, it might well be the best smartphone, period...Engadget

It's available for preview in Maxis website, albeit absence of the most important information – price, plan, actual release date.

I got no idea if Maxis has the exclusive right with Samsung Galaxy S 2, but I would rather see Digi get the deal, as Digi’s Smart Plan is a tad cheaper than Maxis Voice + Data Plan.

Like many others, I’ve been eagerly waiting for this phone since early May, otherwise I could have bought the HTC incredible S. But looking at the impressive specs and features, I think Galaxy S 2 is worth the wait.

The phone is so well received around the world, and the recent lawsuit between Apple and Samsung has further elevated its exposure and popularity in the international press and media, kinda free advertisement for Samsung.

I’m starting a personal project on “Mobile Webcasting” a.k.a. “real-time video streaming via mobile phone”, so the Samsung Galaxy S 2, with 8-Megapixel camera, capable of taking full HD (1080p) video, is coming about the right time.

Well, better late than never, who knows Apple may get the court order to ban Samsung from selling Galaxy S 2 until the case is settled.

Even getting more impatient now…

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